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View and Update a Student's Plans | Family
View and Update a Student's Plans | Family
For Family Accounts: Learn how to view and update your student's plans.
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This article is written for family accounts. For the teacher reference article, select the button below.

At Otus, we believe every child deserves a personalized education plan that can be used to track and monitor their unique goals and needs. From academic interventions to executive functioning or social-emotional goals, administrators and teachers can track a multitude of goals in one place using Plans.

It’s no secret that when families and students are engaged in the learning process, students are more likely to succeed. That is why Otus Plans are now visible to both students and families, and both can contribute by adding progress updates.

What's Included in a Plan

1️⃣ Title: This is the name of the plan that your student has been added to.

2️⃣ Overall Status: This is your student's overall progress level in this plan.

3️⃣ Description: This is a full description of the information or goals being tracked in this plan.

4️⃣ Sections: These are the individual categories or groups of criteria that is being evaluated and tracked.

5️⃣ Items: These are the specific measures or tasks being measured and tracked. Each item has different columns in order to input data.

6️⃣ Download: Download a student summary report as a PDF, if needed.

Viewing Your Student's Plans

  • Step 1: Go to the Plans module.

  • Step 2: Select your student and the plan you'd like to view.

  • Step 3: View the most recent data for each status or click on the first column to see a history of all updates in that field.

Adding Information to Your Student's Plans

Teachers and administrators can grant you permission to add information to your student's plan. If you have the ability to add information, you can click on the field. Then enter your update in the pop-up window.

Status Update

  • Choose a status from the dropdown menu.

  • Add any notes you have.

  • Add attachments if necessary.

  • Click Save.


  • Add your notes.

  • Click Save.

Date Update

  • Select the date on the calendar if you need to change it.

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