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Students: View and Add to Your Plan
Students: View and Add to Your Plan
For Students: Learn how to view, download, and add to your plan.
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What Is a Plan?

Plans are individualized learning plans created to better support your academic success. Here's what you'll see in your plan.

1️⃣ Title

This is the name of the plan that you've been added to.

2️⃣ Overall Status

This is your overall level for this plan.

3️⃣ Description

This is a full description of what is being tracked in this plan for you. This may also include what the overall goals of this plan is.

4️⃣ Sections

These are individual categories or groups of items that are being tracked.

5️⃣ Items

These are specific measures or tasks that are being tracked. Each item then has a status, notes, and important dates.

6️⃣ Download

You can download a summary report if you would like.

Viewing Your Plans

Step 1️⃣

Go to the Plans Module.

Step 2️⃣

Choose the Plan you want to see.

Step 3️⃣

Download a copy of your student summary report.

Step 4️⃣

View all status updates for each item.

Adding Information to Your Plans

Teachers and administrators can allow you to add information to your own plan. If you have the ability to add information, you can click on the field. Then enter your update in the pop-up window.

Status Update

  • Choose a status from the dropdown menu

  • Add any notes you have

  • Add attachments if needed

  • Click Save


  • Add your notes

  • Click Save

Date Update

  • Select the date on the calendar if you need to adjust it.

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