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Collect Student Work with Assessment Activities in Lessons
Collect Student Work with Assessment Activities in Lessons

How to have students easily turn in work or upload a file from a lesson

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Hoping to have students turn in a file related to a lesson? While Lessons cannot collect work directly, the Assessment Activity feature in Lessons makes it easy for students to get to a specific assessment and upload attachments there.

Note: To use this feature, both the Lesson and Assessment must be assigned. If the lesson is assigned and not the assessment, students cannot access the assessment.

Two assessment types can accommodate file uploads: Rubric and Advanced. We'll explore the benefits of each!

Rubric Assessment: Quicker to Build

If the goal is to only collect an attachment from students, a Rubric Assessment is the quickest and easiest option.

  • Every Rubric Assessment has a built-in Choose file button for students to add an attachment. There's no more work you need to do!

    • This article shows how to create a Rubric Assessment (check out the Otus Live video in that article to see how to make a rubric in one minute or less!)

  • Students can attach up to 5 files, 30MB each

  • Teachers can also add attachments to the Rubric!

    • They can be added before assigning

    • Or teachers can add attachments after assigning

How to use the Assessment Activity feature with a Rubric Assessment...

Advanced Assessment: Options for More Question Types

If your goal is to collect an attachment and ask the students some related questions for credit (for example, as Homework, a Worksheet, an Exit Ticket, or even a Quiz or Test), Advanced Assessments have you covered!

  • Use the File Upload item type. Click here to learn more.

    • Then, add as many related questions as you'd like, taking advantage of the more than 60 additional question types available in Advanced Assessments!

  • Students can attach up to 12 files, 10MB each

How to use the Assessment Activity feature with an Advanced Assessment...

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details

Do I need to create a lesson to collect student work?

Nope! You can always just directly assign one of the assessment types mentioned above. Using an Assessment Activity is just a nice shortcut if you're planning to assign a related lesson.

Are Assessments the only ways students can upload a file?

Students have several options for uploading files, but the only way for that file attachment to be graded is if it's uploaded into an assessment.

The lesson and assessment are both assigned, why can't my students see the assessment?

The name of the Assessment Activity tile in the Lesson must exactly match the assessment name itself. If the assessment name is different, just edit the Assessment Activity tile to match that name. (It's also worth verifying that the assessment is available (not assigned at a later date, or unavailable due to Availability Windows).

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