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If you gave a recognition unintentionally or need to remove a recognition from a student for any reason, follow the steps below.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: You are only able to delete recognitions that you have given (not the recognitions given by other teachers).

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Students tab in your Classes module, select the correct class from the dropdown menu, and then select the student you wish to delete the recognition from.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the Reports section of the Student Profile and select Recognitions from the dropdown menu.

  • Step 3: Select the ellipsis to the right of the recognition you wish to delete, and select Delete.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: If the recognition has been give more than once, you'll have to expand the recognition to see the individual instances it was given. Then, follow Step 3 as outlined above.

  • Step 4: Confirm that you are sure you'd like to delete the recognition by selecting Yes.

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