You can create something that looks like a document on your bookshelf. It is called a Page. Here's an example of what one looks like:

Here's how you can make one:

Step 1️⃣ Go to your Bookshelf, select My Bookshelf, and add a resource by clicking on the + button.

Step 2️⃣ Choose the Page option. Give your page a title. You can change this later if you need to.

Step 3️⃣ Write your Page. You can format your text with colors, size, highlights, etc., and you can even insert pictures. Click Done when you are finished.

Step 4️⃣ You can see your page by clicking on it from your list of resources. You can also share, edit, move, or delete the page by clicking on the three dots. For more information on how to share or move, click here.

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