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Total Grade Conversion for Points
Total Grade Conversion for Points

Total grade conversion set up and overview for Points.

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This article will go over Total Grade Conversion for Points grades. Total Grade Conversion shows a "total grade value" for each student in the Assessments gradebook.

How Does it Work?

  • Total Grade Conversion is calculated based on percentage ranges. Each percentage range is assigned a "term" that it will convert to. The percentage ranges and terms are completely customizable. Below are a few examples:

Use Letter Grades

Example: a student that earns a 75% will receive a "C" for their total grade.

Use Performance Levels

Example: a student that earns a 93% will receive a "Distinguished" for their total grade.

  • Once enabled, the "term" will appear in the Total Grade column of the assessments view in the gradebook (after the percentage). In the example below, you will see the letter grade that was determined by the Total Grade Conversion.

Setting Up Total Grade Conversion

Step 1: Turn Total Grade Conversion On

  • Once you are logged into the Main Admin account, navigate to the Control Center to view your Grading Scales.

From your list of Grading Scales:

  • Locate the Points grading scale

  • Select the ellipsis

  • Select Total Grade Conversion

Step 2: Enter Percentage Ranges and Terms

  • Start by determining the percentage ranges. Enter the lowest percentage for each range (Otus will automatically calculate the top of the range). In this example. the ranges are the traditional letter grade scale:

  • Next, determine the term for each range. This will be what displays in the gradebook as the student's "Total Grade":

    • In the example above, a student that earned an 82% will receive a "B" as determined by the Total Grade Conversion.

Once enabled, the Total Grade Conversion can be seen in the gradebook by all users; administrators, teachers, families, and students.

Report Cards

When administrators run report cards, they have the option to include the Total Grade Conversion.

❗ Total Grade Conversion is not automatically included in the report card; administrators must deliberately check the Total Grade checkbox when generating the report card for it to appear.

If Total Grade is checked, it will appear above each class on the report card.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

How do you turn on Total Grade Conversion?

Total Grade Conversion can be accessed in the Control Center through the Main Admin account. Once in the Control Center, select the ellipsis next to the Points grading scale and choose Total Grade conversion.

Can Total Grade Conversion be enabled for just a specific grade level or subject?

The Total Grade Conversion will apply to any grade levels that have the Points grading scale enabled. It isn't possible to have different term conversions for the Points grading scale for different grade levels.

Can Total Grade Conversion be used for standards?

Yes. For more information on using Total Grade Conversion for the standards view of the gradebook, check out this resource.

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