This article will explain Total Grade Conversion. Total Grade Conversion shows a "total grade" for each student in each class within the standards gradebook. If total grade conversion is set up by the Main Admin, users will see the student's overall mastery on individual standards as well as the "total grade."

➡️ How Does It Work?

  • Total Grade Conversion is calculated by averaging the scores for each standard. This is true for all Mastery Settings (Mean, Mode, Most Recent, Highest, Decaying Average; the total grade is calculated using an average regardless of which Mastery Setting is being used for the gradebook.

  • Toggling between different Mastery Settings can/will alter the Total Grade that is calculated.

The breakdown:

  • The student is assessed on multiple standards.

  • Each standard is then displayed individually in the standards gradebook.

  • The overall mastery score for the individual standard is calculated based on the Mastery Setting selected by the district (Mean, Mode, Most Recent, Highest, Decaying Average)

  • Total Grade is then calculated by averaging the data presented in the Gradebook.

💡 The example below shows how the Total Grade calculation is altered when the Mastery Setting is changed.

❗Looking to display the "raw total score" rather than the term? Reach out to your Otus Account Manager, Technology Coach, or the Otus Support Team, and we will be sure to get that set up for you.

Setting Up Total Grade Conversion (for Standards)

Step 1: Turn Total Grade Conversion On

Once you are logged into the Main Admin account, navigate to the control center and follow these steps.

  • Grading

  • Grading Scales

  • Locate the specific Grading Scale that you wish to enable Total Grade Conversion for. (Total Grade Conversion is only available for standards based grading scales. Each standards grading label can be converted into a label; a 1 to 1 conversion )

  • Select three horizontal dots

  • Select Total Grade Conversion

Step 2: Enter Conversion Value

  • Enter the value/text that you would like to display as the "Total Grade" for each scale label maximum of 25 characters each). Select save once done.


View in Teacher/Admin Account

Standards Gradebook

Individual Student’s Standards Gradebook

View in Report Card

(Generated in Admin Account)

❗Must select Total Grade checkbox to be included in report card.*

❗Only standards that have been selected in report card template will be calculated in the Total Grade*

View in Student and Family Account

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