This article will go over Total Grade Conversion for the Points grades. Total Grade Conversion shows a "total grade value" for each student in each class, within the Assessments gradebook.

➡️ How Does It Work?

  • Total Grade Conversion is calculated by mirroring the Total Grade percentage. Any conversion value can be created. It is completely customizable in the Main Admin account! Total % = Assigned Conversion


💡The image below shows a conversion of:

Numeric value to a scale of "Exceeds Standard, Meets, Approaches, Not at Standard, and Intervention."

Note: Point total will not be seen for gradebooks utilizing the weighting feature.

Table of Contents:

Setting Up Total Grade Conversion (for Points)

Step 1: Turn Total Grade Conversion On

Once you are logged into the Main Admin account, navigate to the Control Center to view your Grading Scales.

From your list of Grading Scales:

  • Locate the Points grading scale.

  • Select the three horizontal dots

  • Select Total Grade Conversion

Step 2: Enter Conversion Value

  • Enter the value/text that you would like to display as the "Total Grade" for each scale label (maximum of 25 characters each). Select save once done.


View in Teacher or Admin Account

➡️ Whole Class Assessments Gradebook

➡️ Individual Student’s Assessments Gradebook

View in Report Card

(Generated in Admin Account)

❗Must select Total Grade checkbox to be included in report card.*

View in Student Account

View in Family Account

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