This article will go over Total Grade Conversion for Points gradebook. Total Grade Conversion shows a "total grade value" for each student in each class, within the points gradebook. If total grade conversion is set up by the Main Admin, users will see the student's total grade conversion value under "Total Grade" next to the Point Total and Percentage.

➡️ How Does It Work?

  • Total Grade Conversion is calculated by mirroring the Total Grade percentage. Any conversion value can be created. It is completely customizable in the Main Admin account! Total % = Assigned Conversion


💡The image below shows a conversion of:

Numeric value to a scale of "Exceeds Standard, Meets, Approaches, Not at Standard, and Intervention."

Note: Point total will not be seen for gradebooks utilizing the weighting feature.

Setting Up Total Grade Conversion (for Points)

Step 1: Turn Total Grade Conversion On

Once you are logged into the Main Admin account, navigate to the control center and follow these steps.

  • Grading

  • Grading Scales

  • Locate the Points grading scale.

  • Select three horizontal dots

  • Select Total Grade Conversion

Step 2: Enter Conversion Value

  • Enter the value/text that you would like to display as the "Total Grade" for each scale label (maximum of 25 characters each). Select save once done.


View in Teacher or Admin Account

(Whole Class Points Gradebook)

View in Teacher/Admin Account

(Individual Student’s Points Gradebook)

View in Report Card

(Generated in Admin Account)

❗Must select Total Grade checkbox to be included in report card.*

View in Student Account

View in Family Account

Next Steps

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