Otus Assessment Library FAQs

A free library of pre-built teacher-created assessments and Simple, Advanced, and Rubric assessment templates available within Otus

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The Otus Assessment Library is an optional, free resource that school or district administrators can make available to teachers.

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How do I enable the Otus Assessment Library in my account?

  • Any user with an Administrator account may request the Assessment Library by using the in-app chat tool when logged into Otus or by e-mailing support@otus.com. Once the administrator has access to the library, it can be shared with teachers.

    For additional help on how to share an assessment folder with your teachers, click here.

Who can use the Otus Assessment Library?

  • Once an administrator enables the Otus Assessment Library, the library may be used by any authorized user with a teacher account.

What does the Otus Assessment Library contain?

  • The Otus Assessment Library is organized as follows:

    • General Use Rubric Templates | Any Grade/Subject

    • Elementary | Grades PreK-5

    • Middle | Grades 6-8

    • High School | Grades 9-12

    • Specials, PE/Art/Music | Any Grade

Can I edit the assessments within the Otus Assessment Library?

  • Yes! All assessments can be edited or used as-is.

Who created the assessments?

  • Each assessment in the library was created by a teacher who uses Otus and made the assessment available to other users. If you are interested in allowing other teachers to use an assessment that you have created, share a copy of your assessment to community@otus.com.

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