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Allow Submission of Missing Assessments
Allow Submission of Missing Assessments

Allow graded assessments with the status of missing to be submitted.

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Do you want students to be able to turn in missing assessments, even if they have already been graded? We have a setting for that!

A points-based example: Chandler hasn't turned in the Unit 4 Practice Quiz, so you've given him a 0/5 and marked the assessment missing. Even though you've graded the assessment with a 0/5, you still want Bill to be able to turn in the assessment.

A standards based example: Chandler hasn't completed the Persuasive Essay rubric assessment yet, so you've marked it as Not At Mastery. Even though you've graded it with Not At Mastery, you still want Bill to turn it in.

Need a refresher on how to set the status of a graded assessment to Missing? Click here for instructions!

Locate the Assessment Setting

The setting that allows for the scenarios described above is called Allow graded assessments with the status of "Missing" to be submitted, and in the Settings section of the Assign page (the page that you fill out when you assign an assessment).

➡️ Note that it this setting is already enabled by default when you assign an assessment.

You can view or adjust this setting at any time, even if the assessment is already assigned.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Assessments module.

  • Step 2: Select Assigned.

  • Step 3: Select the correct class.

  • Step 4: Select the ellipses to the right of the desired assessment.

  • Step 5: Select Settings.

Student Actions

If this setting IS NOT enabled, the student will not be able to access the assessment after it has been graded:

If this setting IS enabled, the assessment will still appear as graded, but they will be able to start and complete the assessment.

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