The To Do list displays assigned assessments and lessons that your students haven't completed yet. It is on the Home page.

  • You can change which student you are viewing by selecting their name from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  • Assessments and lessons are listed by due date with the closest-to-today's date appearing at the top. If they don't have a due date, they will appear from oldest to newest based on their start date or date they were assigned.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: overdue assessments and lessons will always appear at the top of their respective lists.

  • Show All: A maximum of three (3) assessments or lessons will display at once; if there are more than 3 active lessons, you can expand the list by selecting Show All. To collapse the list again, select Show Less.

  • When an assessment or lesson is completed, it will be removed from the To Do list.

The Notification Feed is also on the home page. For more information on the Notification Feed, click the button below!



  • Included in the list will be the name of the assessment, the class it was assigned in, the status (not started or in progress), the due date (if there is one), and the number of points the assessment is worth (if points are given).


  • Included in the list will be name of the lesson, the class it was assigned in, the number of completed activities and total activities in the lesson, and a due date (if there is one).

➡️ Due Date Information (applies to assessments and lessons):

  • If the due date is within 3 days, an orange exclamation point will be next to the due date.

  • If the due date has passed, the due date will turn orange.

Can you remove things from the to do list?

Family accounts aren't able to remove items from the to do lists. Tasks will be removed once the student completes them, or if the teacher unassigns them.

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