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Schedule a Lesson for a Later Date
Schedule a Lesson for a Later Date

How to schedule a lesson to be assigned on a later date.

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Once you've created a lesson, you may want to schedule the lesson to auto-assign on a date in the future. Follow the directions below to assign a lesson for a later date:

Step 1: Assign the lesson

You can assign the lesson two ways:

While in the lesson itself.

From the Draft Lessons page.

Step 2: After determining the class/groups you want to assign the assessment to, toggle ON the option to Assign at a Later Date and choose the start date.

  • Choose from the calendar for the date. Choose from the dropdown menus for the time.

  • Don't forget to select APPLY when you are finished to save that date/time.

Step 3: Choose optional due date and completion order settings.

Step 4: Select Assign.

The lesson will not appear on the student's notification feed or in their list of assigned lessons until the start date.

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