Sometimes it is helpful for students to have a structured work page to show their work. The Otus Team has designed an example work page that can be used for this purpose. Below is an example:

Along with the work page, the Otus Team has put together a list of ways to modify the work page to fit the needs of each individual assessment.

By clicking on the button below, you will be taken to the view-only version of the work page, which can be copied and modified as you see fit!

Other Ways to Show Work

  • Question type: Drawing - provides works pace directly within the item that includes options like a line tool and protractor, as well as free-hand writing or drawing.

  • Question type: Math Essay (best for math assessments) - students are given space to type out their work using a wide variety of math symbols and operations.

  • Question type: File Upload - students can attach a picture of their work by uploading an image, or taking a live picture with their device's camera.

Next Steps

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