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Infinite Campus API Configuration
Infinite Campus API Configuration

Follow these steps to gather the correct information from Infinite Campus during implementation.

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Obtain API credentials

To setup your API sync, you will need to obtain the API credentials from your Infinite Campus account and share those with your technology coach.

Follow the workflow below:

  • Step 1: Get Started

    • Log into Infinite Campus

    • Select System Administration

    • Select Learning Interoperability

    • Select OneRoster Provisioning

  • Step 2: Create a OneRoster Vendor record

    • Select NEW to create the new credential record

    • Enter Purpose (Example: Rostering)

    • Enter the Vendor Name (Otus)

    • Enter a Consumer Key following the hard-coded prefix

  • Step 3: Token Information

    • Modify Token Expiration Date if need be

    • Make certain Status is set to Active

    • Select Save

Step 4: Locate Information to Share with your Technology Coach

  • Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret

  • OneRoster URL

  • Step 5: Share

    • Copy and Paste the Key, Secret, and URL into a document. (Do not screenshot.)

    • Upload this document to ShareFile.

    • Contact your Otus technology coach to let them know that you have uploaded the credentials document to ShareFile.

    • Your technology coach will then contact you with next steps.

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