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Math Question Generator for Advanced Assessments
Math Question Generator for Advanced Assessments

How to create a Math Question Generator item in your Advanced Assessments.

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Now that you've started to build an advanced assessment, you may want to add the Math Question Generator.

With the Math Question Generator, the student enters a math response into one or more response boxes.

Additional Details:

  • The Learnosity math question generator is a tool for content authors that enables easy creation of mathematics questions that use dynamic content.

  • Math question generator automates the repetitive aspects of mathematics question authoring, by taking a range of values and then creating a data table containing many variations of the question (and relevant solutions), with validation automatically set up.

  • Math question generator supports all math currently supported in Learnosity and leverages the same scoring methods as other math question types. However, the math question generator applies the scoring methods for you, depending on the type of correct answer you select.

Build the Item

If you are creating a new item, select the + Create button on the assessment builder, title the item, then select the Add New plus sign to add the Math Question Generator.

  • If you are adding the Math Question Generator to an existing item, simply select the Add New plus sign (as shown above) to add to the existing item.

Next, select the Math category from the options on the left, then select Math Question Generator

❗ Please Note: a math question generator question cannot be added to an item with an existing dynamic content data table. Also note, you cannot add two math question generator questions in the same item. Any change to the data table is required to be made within the math question generator wizard and then regenerated.

Creating Questions Using the Math Question Generator

➡️ The math question generator authoring interface contains the dynamic math generator, and settings for the following:

➡️ When using math question generator on an item for the first time, launch the math question generator wizard by selecting the "Create expression" button.

  • The dynamic math generator uses a wizard, or step-by-step progression through four screens, designed to step content authors through creation of algorithmic math content. The four steps are as follows:

  1. Create parameters and set their values,

  2. Create the expression with the parameter(s),

  3. Select the correct answer format(s), and

  4. Generate the questions.

Math question generator is a tool built Learnosity, and follows a very specific set of rules and directions. To learn more about how to use it, click below.

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