One of the optional settings available for assigning assessments is to include instructions:

  • Instructions typed here will display when the student begins the assessment.

  • Below is an example of what the instructions will look like on the student's side.

Interested in other assessment settings, such as multiple attempts, time limits, and post-grading review? Click the link below!


  • Is there a character limit to the instructions? Yes - 300 characters.

  • Can I add images to the instructions? No - images cannot be added to instructions.

  • What happens if I decide to add instructions after I've already assigned the assessment? That's ok! You can add instructions at any point. Any student that hasn't already started will see the instructions upon beginning the assessment.

  • Can a student go back to see the instructions once they've started the assessment? Yes, if the student saves and exits the assessment, the same instructions will appear when they resume the assessment.

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