Admin Access for Teachers

There are some scenarios where teachers may need access to a Co-Admin account in addition to their teacher account.

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Sometimes, teachers may need access to an administrator account in addition to their teacher account. For example:

  • A teacher is part of a collaborative team that is working to build common assessments collectively in an administrator account before sharing with other staff members.

  • A teacher is part of a PLC, grade-level, or building-level team that needs access to student data outside of their individual classes.

While it may be necessary for these teachers to have access to an administrator account, if their regular use lies within their own classes, converting their Teacher account to an administrator account is not recommended. Instead, we recommend that these teachers continue to use their teacher account for daily teacher tasks, and have the Main Administrator create a separate administrator account for teachers to access when needed.

The link above will show the steps for the Main Administrator to add an admin account. When creating this account, be sure to use an email address that is different from any working, staff member email. This does NOT need to be a functioning email. For example, some schools will use an email like:

You will also need to set up a password for the admin account. All Otus passwords must meet these requirements:

  • At least 8 characters in length

  • Contains an uppercase letter

  • Contains a lowercase letter

  • Contains a number

  • Contains a special character

Documenting Administrator Login Credentials

After you have created co-administrator accounts, we recommend storing your username and password in a secure document. Your Technology Coach can help you with this setup, and the Otus support team is always here for assistance if you forget or misplace your login credentials. Note: If you do not use a real email for each Administrator account, you will not be able to reset the password without contacting Otus support.

Navigating Between Multiple Accounts

Once an administrator account is created for teachers in the above situations, the Main Administrator will be responsible for sharing the login credentials with those requiring access to that account. Additionally, it is important that teachers know to log out of their Teacher account to access the admin account, and vice versa.

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