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Edit or Delete a Post on your Class Board
Edit or Delete a Post on your Class Board

How to edit or delete a post from the Class Board

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This article will describe how you can edit or delete posts on your Class Board.

Edit a Post

You can edit a post that is saved as a draft or scheduled to be published.

Saved as Draft:

  • Select the ellipsis, then select Edit.

You can edit all aspects of the post.

You must select Publish in the upper-right corner to save the changes. All changes will take affect immediately.


  • Title, actual content of the post, and attachment changes can be made.


  • Removing an audience will not remove the notification that was sent to their notification feed.

  • Adding an audience will not send a notification to their feed; only audiences that were added during the initial publishing of the post will receive a notification.


  • If you disable comments on a post that currently has comments, those comments will disappear from view.

  • If on that same post, you enable comments again, those comments will reappear.


  • If you are choosing to enable the scheduling option after the post has been published, that post will be removed from the student's class board. It will reappear on the scheduled date.

  • If you are removing a scheduled date, selecting Publish at the top right will Immediately publish the post to the board. Selecting Save as a Draft will not publish the post, rather, it will just save the changes made to the post.

  • If you want to edit the scheduled date, change it to the desired date and select Publish in the top right corner.


  • The discard option will revert the post back to its previous version. It does not delete the post.

  • You will be prompted with the following:

💡 Tip: Co-teachers are not able to edit posts that were created by the main teacher. They can preview the post when clicking Edit, but they won't be able to change the content.

Delete a Post

To delete a post, select the ellipsis, then select delete.

  • You will be prompted with the following:

❗ Please delete with caution, as this action can not be undone.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details

Can a co-teacher edit class board posts that were created by the main teacher?

No; only the creator of the post can edit the post

Can I recover a class board post I deleted?

Deleted class board posts can't be recovered, please delete with caution!

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