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Use Google Meet in Otus for Remote or eLearning
Use Google Meet in Otus for Remote or eLearning

Continue face-to-face interactions with students when using Otus during remote or eLearning days.

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Before you are able to use Google Meet, be sure that your District has enabled Google Meet. For G Suite Admin: Turn on Meet video calling

  • Step 1: Log into your Google Account and click the Google Meet icon:

  • Step 2: Copy the URL for Google Meet, paste it onto your Otus Bookshelf, and assign it to your class(es). You can also add the Google Meet link to any Lesson:

  • Step 3: In order to conduct an online class, you must create a "meeting code". Visit Google Meet and click "Join or start a meeting".

  • Step 4: Next, create a class code that will be shared with your students. "March11" was used in this example.

  • Step 5: Share the meeting code with your class using the Class Board or by texting or emailing it to students using the Mailbox.

For more information about maximizing the use of G Suite for remote learning, check out this video from Google.

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