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Students: Viewing the Gradebook
Students: Viewing the Gradebook
Students - this article shows you how to see your grades for each of your classes.
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In your Otus account, your Gradebook lets you view the grades for your classes and your performance on standards.

➡️ Click on your Gradebook module on the left. At the top, choose Assessments or Standards.

💡 Tip: Not all districts use both the assessments and standards gradebooks. Check with your teacher to see which one(s) you use. Your gradebooks might also be in a different order.

Assessments Gradebook

The assessments gradebook shows the name of each class, your letter grade, your total points/overall percentage, the subject, and the teacher.

➡️ Click on a class

  • Click directly on one of your classes to see all of your assessments for that particular class.

  • You see the letter grade, percentage, status, type, submission date, and any comments your teacher gave you.

  • If you don't see a grade or a total, that means there weren't any points on that assessment.

  • You also see your total grade repeated at the bottom of your assessments list.

➡️ Do you want to see grades from a different grading period?

  • If your district has grading periods set up (like quarters or trimesters), you can see those grades by clicking here:

Standards Gradebook

➡️ First click on Standards. Next choose a class.

This list shows you:

  • The name of the standard

  • The last time you took an assessment with that standard on it

  • Your performance level

  • The number of times you've been assessed on that standard

➡️ Some Things Might Look Different

There are parts of the standards gradebook that your school district can choose to have. Not all gradebooks show these two things:

  • Do you see a grade at the top of the gradebook? This means that your district is also giving you a total grade for each class in the standards gradebook.

  • Do you see a score appearing in bold with an asterisk (*)? This means that this grade has been manually changed by the teacher.

➡️ Change filters (if you want)

  • You can change different filters in your gradebook, too. You can view the gradebook by standard, assessment, mastery setting, grading scale, and grading period. If you have questions on what any of these mean, you will want to talk to your teacher!

➡️ Click on a standard

  • You will see a graph that shows you all of the times you've been assessed on that standard.

  • You can change the mastery setting (which is how the overall score is calculated) by choosing an option from the dropdown menu.

➡️ Click on an attempt in the list to see the specific test question

*If you don't see anything when you click on the attempt, that means your teacher hasn't turned on the setting to allow you to do this yet.

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