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Advanced Assessment Item Feature: Line Reader
Advanced Assessment Item Feature: Line Reader

How to insert the Line Reader feature into your Advanced Assessments

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The Line Reader is a feature that you can insert into your Advanced Assessment items. Features are like the "extras" you can add to your items. For more information on questions vs features, click here.

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The line reader is a tool which allows readers to focus on one line at a time.


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How to Add a Line Reader to your Advanced Assessment

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: Rather than adding a line reader to an empty item, We recommend building the question first, then adding the line reader. If you haven't built the question yet, that's ok too, you can just add it later.

➡️ The example below shows how to add a calculator to an item that contains a passage and multiple choice matrix question. A line reader can be added to any item at any time.

Step 1 - Add the Feature

  • While in the item you wish to add the line reader to, select the + symbol to add a new feature.

  • Select the Features tab and choose the Line Reader.

Step 2 - Determine Optional Settings

  • The only customizable option you have is to enable or disable initial visibility.

    • Checking the initial visibility option means the line reader will open immediately upon students entering the question; they will not have to click the button to activate, but they can click the button to remove it if they'd like.

Step 3 - Save

  • Once you've determined the optional settings, select Save.

Step 4 - Move

  • If the line reader button is not where you'd like it, you can move it to another location in the item by selecting the drag and drop icon on the right side. See the example below.

Student Usage

➡️ Line Reader functionality for students

  • On the Item, the Line Reader will appear as a button. Clicking it once will show the Line Reader, and clicking it a second time will hide the Line Reader.

  • Students can drag it around the screen,

  • Students can resize it.

  • Students can resize the focus area.

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