Bulk Upload Student Photos

Learn how to bulk upload student pictures to their profiles.

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Each student can have an image added to their account to be displayed on their student tile. This article will show you how to upload these pictures in bulk. 

Step 1: Create the file to be uploaded

❗The file name for each student photo must be their SIS student ID (example: 12345.jpg).

  • Create a zip (compressed) file containing all student photos in .jpg format

  • If the resulting zip file is larger than 30MB, we recommend breaking it up into multiple zip files

Step 2: Upload the file

  • Log into the main administrator account for you district and navigate to the Control Center

  • Select Uploads from the secondary navigation menu

  • Select the Profile Pictures tab

  • Upload the file by dragging and dropping to the box indicated below, or clicking in the box to choose a file

  • All successful uploads will show up in the list below the upload area.  If you upload a new photo with the same student ID, the new photo will overwrite the old photo.

  • Make sure student IDs are correct!  The only way to undo this upload will be to overwrite it with a new student photo.

  • Additional student photos can be added by uploading new files as needed. The new file does not need to include any previously-uploaded photos.

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