What is Query?

Query is a report that allows you to identify and compare populations of students matching specific criteria across multiple data sources. It is designed for cases in which you have a set of criteria, and you need to know what students meet that criteria.

What are examples of ways you can use Query?

  • Identifying students for ELL services.

  • Middle school and high school placement.

  • Qualifications for programs or extracurricular activities.

Example Report:

Data for Query is synced at 8:00pm Monday - Thursday.

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Building a Query Report

Queries are generated from the Reports tab of the Analytics module. When you generate a query, you will create criteria for the query and define the population (students) you'd like to view.

For more information on generating queries, select the button below.

Analyzing a Query

Once you generate a Query, you are presented with data in many forms, from pie charts, to bar graphs, to tables.

For more information on analyzing queries, select the button below.

Editing, Deleting, Cloning, or Sending a Copy of a Query

You can edit, delete, clone, or send a copy of a query.

For more information, select the buttons below.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series that provides an overview of Query Reports.


  • How often is data synced to Query? Monday-Thursday at 8:00 pm CST

  • Is there a limit to the number of classes that appear in the results of a query? Yes - 10 classes.

  • Is there a limit to the number of students that can fit the criteria in your query? Yes - 1,000 students - Queries that contain more than 1,000 students will not complete.

  • Do changes to class names reflect automatically? No, they require the nightly sync to update in query.

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