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Installing PowerSchool Plugin
Installing PowerSchool Plugin

Follow​ ​the​ ​steps​ ​below​ ​to​ ​connect​ ​DataSense​ ​and​ ​PowerSchool.

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  1. Download the DataSense PowerSchool plugin zip file to your local machine.

  2. Log into PowerSchool.

  3. Once in PowerSchool, navigate to the “System” area. Select “System Settings,” then “Plug inManagement.”

  4. Click “Install” and follow the installation prompts.

  5. When requested, locate your downloaded DataSense PowerSchool plugin ( For the plugin install, please make sure to install the whole .ZIP file for the plugin, not the individual XML files.

  6. Once installed, click the final checkbox to enable the program. Next, select the "Microsoft DataSense" plugin.

  7. Select “Data Provider Configuration.” Locate your Client ID and Client Secret credentials.

  8. Following the installation, please document the URL to your PowerSchool instance, the Client ID, and Client Secret and share with our team.

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