If students are using Chromebooks to take an assessment that has the lockdown browser enabled, they will need to follow these directions:

Step 1️⃣ : Sign Out of your Chromebook

  • First click on your profile in the bottom right corner of the Chromebook and select "Sign out".

Step 2️⃣ : Open the Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • Click the "Apps" button in the bottom left corner of the Chromebook Login Screen, and choose the "Otus" app.

Step 3️⃣ : Log In

  • In order to log into your account, go to https://my.otus.com.  Once there, if your school has Gmail, Microsoft, Clever, or Classlink logins, click on the corresponding button and log in with your existing username and password. Ask your teacher if you aren't sure.

If you don't use any of the log-in types above, your teacher should have the email and password you should log in with.

Step 4️⃣ : Take the Assessment

  • To take an assessment, click on the Assessments module.

  • You will see a list of all assigned assessments in all of your classes.  To look at your assignments in a specific class, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between them.

In order to take the assessment, just click the row the assessment is in.  Remember, once you submit your assessment, you won't be able to go back to view your answers or make changes. If you want to leave your work and come back to it, just exit the assessment.

Step 5️⃣ : Shut down the Chromebook

  • Once you are done with the assessment, you will need to completely shut down your Chromebook in order to exit the Lockdown Browser.

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