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Image Annotation Upload Question for Advanced Assessments
Image Annotation Upload Question for Advanced Assessments

This question type allows students to upload and annotate an image.

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Now that you've started to build an advanced assessment, you may want to add an Image Annotation question.

In the Image Annotation question, students can upload and annotate an image. The question can be used in two ways.

  1. The teacher uploads an image for the students to annotate directly onto. (This can be auto scored if need be.)

  2. The student can upload their own image from their device, then label it. (In this case, the question cannot be auto scored.)


Build the Question

If you are creating a new item, select the + Create button on the assessment builder, title the item, then select the Add New plus sign to add a question.

  • If you are adding to an existing item, simply select the Add New plus sign (as shown above) to add a question to the item.

Next, select the Other category from the options on the left, then select Image Annotate.

Compose Question

  • ype question prompt into this field. Here you will want to specify if the student should upload their own image or use the provided image to annotate.

  • You have many formatting options from the Rich Text toolbar, including changing the font size, adding tables, using math symbols, adding multimedia, and more! Click here for more information on the different functions of the Rich Text toolbar.

Add the Image (if applicable)

  • Select the blue + Add button and choose the image from your device. This will be used if you want the students to annotate an image you provide for them. They will not be able to upload their own image if you provide an image.

Set Correct Answers and Scoring

  • Enter the full point value for getting this answer correct.

  • If you have provided an image, you can select the correct responses on the image you have uploaded.

  • If you ask an open ended question such as "Label 3 places you have visited" rather than a correct/incorrect answer such as "Label California, Texas, and Florida" there is no need to draw/set correct responses. Their answers will need to be manually scored since it will vary from student to student.

Scoring Type

  1. Exact match (Default): All parts of the answer must be correct to be awarded credit.

  2. Partial Match per response: Gives the point value to each option, as if they are all separate questions. Ex: If Point Value is worth 5, this means each labeling is worth 5 points. Totaling 20.

  3. Partial Match: Takes the total point value and divides by the number of options within the question. Ex: If Point Value is 5, each labeling is worth 1.25 points.

Student Preview

It's highly recommended to Preview the question before adding it to the assessment. This displays the question as the students will see it and also verifies that the answers and scoring work as expected.

  • Step 1: Select the Preview button to go into Preview mode.

  • Step 2: Answer the question with the correct answers, including alternates.

    • Selecting Show Answers will present the correct answers.

  • Step 3: Verify that the auto-score correctly calculates the point value.

Click to see a short clip of this question type from the student's perspective.

More Options


  • Unscored/Practice usage: removes all scoring from the item.

  • Check answer button & Check answer attempts: find more information here!

  • Penalty points: use this option if you want students to lose points for giving incorrect answers.

  • Minimum score if attempted: student will receive points as long as the question has been attempted (if the question is left blank or is unanswered, the student will not earn those points).


  • Font Size: you can change the font size of the entire question here.

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