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Troubleshooting slow loading time and performance in Otus

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While we monitor Otus' performance 24/7, and automatically alert our Development Team if the health of the application degrades, there is the possibility that we are unaware when a particular action in the platform is slow.  

You can check on the status of Otus in live time using the chat feature:

Basic Troubleshooting

Follow the troubleshooting suggestions below, starting from the top. Try your desired action again after each one, there's a good chance any step on its own will fix the issue!

  • Refresh the page

    • Click the Reload button in your browser (or press Command + R on Mac, or Cntrl + R on PC)

      • If that doesn't work, you can try a hard refresh by holding the Shift key while clicking the Reload button in the browser

  • Log out of Otus and Log Back In

    • Navigate to the bottom-left corner of your screen, select your profile icon, then select Log Out

    • Log back in

  • Quit Your Browser Completely

    • Rather than only closing the browser, try quitting the browser completely

    • Then, open the browser again and log back into Otus

  • Update Your Browser

    • It is possible that you are using an outdated version of your browser. Check to make sure that your browser is completely up to date. Click here to see if your browser is running the latest version.

  • Clear Your Cache

    • Follow this specific workflow when clearing the cache to ensure effectiveness:

      1. Log out of Otus

      2. Clear your cache (Chrome instructions. Safari instructions)

      3. Completely close/quit your browser

      4. Open your browser again and log back into Otus

Additional Troubleshooting 

If the above steps did not improve the performance of the site, please contact us at or via the in-app chat and provide the following details to help further troubleshoot the issue. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

User: (Account Email Address)
User Type: (student, teacher, admin, family):
Area of application:
Is the issue repeatable? If so, steps to repeat (videos are appreciated):
Any additional information:

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