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Create a Family Account

Step 1:  Go to https://my.otus.com/login

Step 2:  Select Create a New Account

Step 3:  Choose Family as the user type. 

Step 4:  Since you're creating a Family account, please fill in your first name, last name, and phone number to Continue. (Note - Your student already has an Otus account from the school district. To avoid confusion, it's best to use your own name rather than your student's name when creating the Family account.)

Step 5:  Type in your personal email address, create a new password for Otus, and select Finish! 


Add a Student to Your Account

To add a student, a STUDENT CODE is needed. There are two ways to get the student code:

  1. From the student's teacher
  2. From the student's Otus Profile

If you have the code from your student's teacher:

Step 1:   From the Students screen, select Add a Student

Step 2: Enter the student code. (Did you get an error? Reach out to us through the chat feature, and we can help!)

Step 3: Choose your relationship to the student.  

Step 4: Select Done

To find the code in the student's Otus Profile:

Step 1: After the student logs in, have them open their profile icon at the bottom left and select Edit Profile.

Step 2: Their student code is located on this page, found below:


Want more information on the family account? Check out the resources below!

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