Otus provides the opportunity to give family members access to student learning information about their child. A family member can connect to their individual student(s) to communicate with their teachers, see what they are working on, see what resources are on their bookshelf and see their assessment results.

In order to get family members started in the system, we have created documents for you to share with families. We currently have those documents in English, Spanish, and Polish. Please let us know if you need these in additional languages. Email us at support@otus.com to let us know.

English Family Account Guide
English Family Account Guide (Printer Friendly)
Spanish Family Account Guide
Spanish Family Account Guide (Printer Friendly)
Polish Family Account Guide
Polish Family Account Guide (Printer Friendly)

Step 1:  Go to my.otus.com

Step 2:  Click Create a New Account

Step 3:  Choose FAMILY As The User Type 

Step 4:  Enter Family Information and Click Continue

Step 5:  Create your login and click Finish! 

Step 6: Click ADD A STUDENT

Step 7: Enter the STUDENT CODE.  Choose your relationship to the student in the menu.  Click DONE when complete.

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