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Add a Student to Your Account

To add a student, a STUDENT CODE is needed. There are two ways to get the student code:

  1. From the student's teacher
  2. From the student's Otus Profile

If you have the code from your student's teacher:

Step 1:   From the My Students screen, select Add a Student

Step 2: Enter the student code. (Did you get an error? Reach out to us through the chat feature, and we can help!)

Step 3: Choose your relationship to the student.  

Step 4: Select Done

To find the code in the student's Otus Profile:

Step 1: After the student logs in, have them click on their profile icon at the bottom left and select Edit Profile.

Step 2: Their student code is located on this page, found below. Be sure to copy this code, if you can! The characters are case-sensitive.


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