Due Dates

Due Dates allow the teacher to set the due date for an assessment.

How does a due date impact an assessment?

  • Any assessment submitted after the due date will be set to a late submission status in the gradebook.
  • Due dates determine the academic session the scores will appear under within the gradebook.
  • Due date impacts the order of standards performance history in the standards gradebook.
  • Due date determines what academic session the scores appear under within the gradebook.
  • Due date determines the order of standards performance history in standards gradebook.

How do I set a due date?

  • Select the assessment you'd like to assign in your drafts list.
  • Click the ellipsis to the right of the desired assessment and choose Assign.
  • Select the classes or students that will be taking the assessment.
  • Click on the calendar to choose the time and date the assessment is due. Be sure to click Apply to set the due date.
  • Select Assign to make the assessment available to your students.

What do students see?

Students see the due date in the assessment list beside the assessment's title and category.


Assign at Later Date

Teachers also have the option to schedule when assessments will be available for students in their assessment list.

What does the Start Date impact?

  • The Start Date only impacts when the assessment appears in the student's assessment list.

How do I schedule my assessment for a later date?

  • Toggle on Assign at Later Date.
  • Select your desired start date and time and click Apply. The assessment will then appear in the assessment list for students at that time.


Due Date and Assign at a Later Date FAQs

Can I have a due date and a later start date? Yes! You can schedule an assessment for a later date and also set a due date.

What if I need my assessment to appear in a different grading period in my gradebook? Can I change it? Yes! You can edit the assessment details and change the date if needed. This article will outline that process for you.


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