Select Assessments from the left-hand toolbar

The initial assessment module screen displays the title of the assessment, point value, and due date (if it was set by the teacher) of all assigned assessments. Students have the ability to filter by class by using the right drop down menu. 

Students should find the appropriate assessment they would like to begin and click it.

A popup will appear that will provide additional information about the assessment. This includes the duration of the assessment if it was set by the teacher, the subject, teacher's name, class, and indicate if multiple attempts are allowed. If the information is correct, students can click start.

Another screen will appear prompting students to click start when they are ready to begin the assessment.

Students should click the button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Full Screen mode before beginning the assessment.  Students can click between each question by clicking on the item number in the list to the right of the question.  Students can also proceed one question forward and back with the arrow buttons below the Item list.

When the student completes the assessment, they will be prompted to submit the activity, or they will receive a notification that there are items that have not been attempted. Once a student submits an assessment, they are unable to go back and answer questions that were left unanswered. 

If a student has to return to the assessment at a later time and is not ready to submit for a grade, they may do so by clicking onto another module within the platform. This will automatically save the students work and enable them to return to the assessment at a later time.  

This article describes a student taking an Advanced Assessment. Check out the links below to see what other assessment types look like through the student account!

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