Locating and Beginning the Assessment

  • Select Assessments from the left-hand toolbar
  • Filter by class using the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner (if necessary).
  • Click on the assessment.
  • A popup will appear that will provide additional information about the assessment, including the instructions, time limit, and multiple attempt allowance. 
  • To begin the assessment, click Start.
  • Click start at the bottom of the assessment.


Completing the Assessment

When the assessment begins, you will start on Item 1. 

Explaining Item Navigation:

  • If an item is marked with a gray edge, that indicates the item has been completed.
  • If an item is white, the item has not been completed.
  • You can click on each item individually, or use the previous and next buttons.
  • Otus will autosave each question; saving answers is not necessary.


You may be able to leave annotations while taking your assessment if your teacher turned on that setting.

Here's more information about how the annotations work.

To submit the assessment:

  • While on the last item clicking the Next arrow will prompt you to submit.
  • The prompt will warn you if any items haven't been completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit an assessment, you are unable to go back and answer questions that were left unanswered. Submitting an assessment locks that assessment, and it can not be reopened.

If you haves to return to the assessment at a later time: you may do so by clicking onto another module within the platform. This will automatically save your work and enable you to return to the assessment at a later time.  


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