Locating and Beginning the Assessment

  • Select Assessments from the left-hand toolbar
  • Filter by class using the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner (if necessary).
  • Click on the assessment.
  • A popup will appear that will provide additional information about the assessment, including the instructions, time limit, and multiple attempt allowance. 
  • To begin the assessment, students will click Start.
  • Students will click start at the bottom of the assessment.


Completing the Assessment

When the assessment begins, the student will start on Item 1. 

Explaining Item Navigation:

  • If an item is marked with a gray edge, that indicates the item has been completed.
  • If an item is white, the item has not been completed.
  • Students can click on each item individually, or use the previous and next buttons.
  • Otus will autosave each question; saving answers is not necessary.

To submit the assessment:

  • While on the last item clicking the Next arrow will prompt the student to submit.
  • The prompt will warn the students if any items haven't been completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a student submits an assessment, they are unable to go back and answer questions that were left unanswered. Submitting an assessment locks that assessment, and it can not be reopened.

If a student has to return to the assessment at a later time: they may do so by clicking onto another module within the platform. This will automatically save the students work and enable them to return to the assessment at a later time.  


Here are links for students using our other assessment types.

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