While in their account, a student can view their points and standards grades in the Gradebook Module.

Points Gradebook

*please note - not all student accounts will have the points gradebook.

The default view of the Points Gradebook is a list of a student's classes and their grades.

Clicking on a Class

Clicking on a class will give a more detailed display of the assessment grades for that class. 

Changing the School

In case the student is enrolled in more than one school in the district, the student can select a different school from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Changing the Grading Period

If your district has grading periods set, a student can filter through those grading periods by clicking on the ellipsis in the upper right corner.


Standards Gradebook

The default view of the Standards Gradebook will show a list of standards that student has been assessed on, as well as the date of the last attempt on that standard, and their performance level.

Changing the Class

Clicking on the dropdown menu at the top of the screen will allow the student to view their standards grades for different classes.

Clicking on a Standard

Clicking on a standard will take the student to a more detailed description of the attempts made on that standard. 

The student will see both a graph of the attempts, as well as a list of the attempts.

The student can change the performance level calculation by clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

The student can view the specific assessment question related to an attempt by clicking on the attempt name.

That's it! You've now seen how a student can navigate their gradebook.


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