Learnosity now offers advanced math question for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Economics, Calculus and more! They can be found while creating an item in an Advanced assessment. 

Algebra I

  • Square Root
  • Absolute Value
  • Slope-Intercept
  • Exponential Function
  • Parabola

Algebra II

  • Sine and Cosine
  • Circle
  • Logarithm Function
  • Two Variable Linear Inequality
  • Polynomial by Points
  • Hyperbola
  • Parabola by Focus and Directrix
  • Ellipse
  • System of Two Variable Linear Inequalities


  • Cone
  • Volume & Surface
  • Triangle Grid
  • Area & Perimeter


  • Box-and-Whisker


  • Supply & Demand Shift
  • Budget Constraints


  • Area under curve
  • Point on a curve


  • Fraction Additions
  • Number Line Inequality
  • Number Line Point
  • Desmos Blank Graph Question


*Authoring a Basic Question*

Exampled: Slope-Intercept

  1. Click on the Slope-Intercept Question, found under “Algebra I”
  2. Compose a question -- exampled is the question “Graph y=2x+3” 
  3. Set one correct example answer

4. Make sure both properties of the Example Answer are selected (in this case, both slope and intercept)

5. To preview what a student would see, click the “preview” button at the top right. Here you’ll note that the graph will mark any correct answer as correct, even if it doesn’t match the exact example answer you’ve set. For example, this following solution is marked as correct:

Optional -- change the starting state that a student sees:

Click on “More options” drop-down, change the graph that shows up below to what you’d like for your student to see


*Build Off of an Existing Template* 

Exampled: Perpendicular Lines

(Build a question and want it to have the same structure as the existing slope question you may have asked)

  1. Click on the Slope-Intercept Question, found under “Algebra I”
  2. Compose a question -- here I’ll ask instead “Graph a line perpendicular to this one” (note: in this case, we’ll pretend that “this one” is still the line y=2x+3)
  3. Unselect “intercept”, as it’s no longer needed as a correctness condition

4. Click on the “More options” options drop-down

5. Here, there should already be a list of expressions, which are part of the template. I’ll leave those and instead, I’ll add in a new expression, the line “y=2x+3”. Here, I prefer to make this a different color and dashed to make it differentiated (note: click and hold down on the icon to change these settings).

6. Set a correct answer example as you would normally

7. In the student preview tab, I can see that the whole world of correct answers has already been set for the students, allowing a large number of graphs to be marked correct.


*Create a Custom Desmos Graph Question* 

  1. Go to the Miscellaneous section of Desmos templates, click “Desmos Blank Graph Question”
  2. If you’ve authored a graph outside of Learnosity, in Desmos, feel free to copy and paste the URL into the expression list on the graph



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