Teachers have the ability to set a Lockdown Browser mode for students while they take an assessment in Otus. 

The option for the Lockdown Browser will appear in the final popup screen before assigning the assessment to a class. Be sure to turn this feature on by moving the toggle to the right as shown in the image below.

(Here is an article that will walk you through the process of Assigning an Assessment). 

***Students must download the Lockdown browser to their computer the first time they take an assessment using this feature.  

A popup will appear guiding students through the process after they click the row of the assessment they wish to take.

Once the Lockdown Browser is installed on a student's device, the student will select "Take Assessment" from the Assessment module. 

Special Steps for Students on Chromebooks

Students can launch the locked browser with our special chromebook app by selecting “Otus” from the Apps link on their login screen. 

When the App starts, the login page will appear and the student can login and navigate to the exam.

During an exam, the student will be locked into the testing environment until the assessment is submitted for grading.

Once the exam is complete the user must restart the Chromebook to fully exit the exam.

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