When logging into Otus to upload 3rd party assessment data, you will notice that we removed the "Toolbox" module. Instead, users are now able to upload and visualize data analytics from within the Analytics module. 

First, click on the Analytics module on the left-hand menu. From there, you will be automatically directed to the 3rd Party page (formerly known as "Toolbox").

If you're importing with an LTI key and secret, click the three dots in the corner of the LTI tile and select Add LTI Tool.  Fill in the appropriate credentials.

To add a new company and assessment without LTI, scroll to the bottom of the 3rd party assessment tiles, and click "Add New 3rd Party Assessment". 

Click  "Add Other Company" and fill in the company name.  You can import a logo from your computer's hard drive, or you can see some that we have collected HERE

Once you've created your tile, find it in your tile list, and click the gear icon in the top right corner.  Click Edit Company Info to edit the company name.  To remove the logo you uploaded, click on the tile with the logo in it. Click "Download CSV" to get a blank copy of the CSV score import file.

To upload your assessment, click the gear icon, and click "Manage Uploads."

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