When logging into Otus to upload 3rd party assessment data, you will notice that we removed the "Toolbox" module. Instead, users are now able to upload and visualize data analytics from within the Analytics module. 

First, click on the Analytics module on the left-hand menu. From there, you will be automatically directed to the 3rd Party page (formerly known as "Toolbox").

To add a new company and assessment, scroll to the bottom of the 3rd party assessment tiles, and click "Add New 3rd Party Assessment". 

If you're importing with an LTI key and secret, click LTI and the right arrow.  Fill in the appropriate credentials.

If you're importing without an LTI key and secret, click "Add Other Company" and fill in the company name.  You can import a logo from your computer's hard drive, or you can see some that we have collected HERE.   

Once you've created your tile, find it in your tile list, and click the gear icon in the top right corner.  Click "Download CSV" to get a blank copy of the CSV score import file.

The file looks like this, and will match either student emails or student SIS ID to existing accounts in Otus.

If the system can't find a match for either the student email or SIS ID in the CSV template, then it will return with an error.  Delete all errors to upload successfully.  Here's a list of fields in the .CSV template:

  1. SIS ID
  2. Student Email (Only one of the first two required)
  3. Assessment Attempt Name
  4. Test Date
  5. Student Score
  6. Student Percentile (Optional)
  7. Student Target Score (Optional)

To upload your assessment, click the gear icon, and click "Manage Data", then "+ New Assessment".

Name the assessment.  Keep in mind that this assessment name can be used to show different assessments given by the same company.  We named the larger company already, now we're naming the assessment that company administers.  Ex: College Board gives the SAT and the PSAT, so this is where you'd show that.

Specify a minimum and maximum score, then select "Next".  If different scores have different minimums and maximums, that's a great reason to add them as separate assessments within the same company.

Now it's time to add and label your cut scores.  This will help you visualize what students scored in which score ranges, and group them accordingly.  You can add more targets and multiple target sets as well, if you want to see the same data split different ways.

When you're finished adding your target sets, click "Done".

Hover over your newly created 3rd party assessment, and click "Manage Data" to add the .CSV file.  If you need to download a new copy, click "Download Template", otherwise click "Upload Data" and upload your file.

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