❗ This article has directions for how to create district student groups from an administrator account. If you are a teacher looking for a resource for how to create and add to your own classroom-based student groups, click here for more information.

Before creating student groups, it may be helpful to know the ways these groups can be used in Otus:

➡️ Teachers can use these student groups for:

  • Analytics Filter: filter the results of the reports you run in the analytics module (for example, in Assessment Analytics) by student groups.

  • Giving Recognitions: give recognitions to a group of students at once.

  • Assigning Lessons: assign lessons to only certain groups of students.

  • Assigning Assessments: assign assessments to only certain groups of students.

  • Sharing Bookshelf Resources: share a resource on your bookshelf with only a certain group of students.

➡️ Administrators can use these student groups for all of the above, in addition to:

  • Report Card Generation: you can generate report cards by student groups.

  • Running Queries: you can run queries by student groups.

  • Historical Analytics: you can generate a historical analytics report by student groups.

Article Table of Contents

Creating a Student Group

  • Step 1: From the District Home Page, choose Student Groups.

  • Step 2: Select Create Group.

  • Step 3: Title your new teacher group and choose a color.

  • Step 4: Select Add.

Add Students to the Group

  • Step 1: Select the ellipsis on the desired group and click Assign Students.

  • Step 2: The group will be auto-selected. You are able to multi-select groups if you wish.

  • Step 3: Begin typing a name into the search field. The list of students will start to populate below.

  • Step 4: Choose students from the list. As you click their names, they will appear below. If you added them by mistake, select the trash can icon.

  • Step 5: Once you've added all of the students you wish to add, select Done.

Adding a Single Student to Multiple Groups

  • Step 1: While on your district home page, select the Students tab.

  • Step 2: Search for the student using the search bar in the upper-right, then select the student tile.

  • Step 3: You will now be on the student's profile page. Select the gray + icon under the student's name.

  • Step 4: Choose the group(s) you'd like to add that student to and select Save.

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