In Otus, teachers have the ability to track student participation. This form of classroom management is useful to view student engagement and understanding. Each time a student participates in class, the data is timestamped and additional recognition points or comments may be added. Teachers also have the option to randomly select students by choosing the random student selector.

To track student participation, first select Classes.

Select Participation from the secondary navigation

Using the drop down menu, select the class you wish to view.

Here, you can view class participation. To view the history of specific student’s participation, select the individual student's name from the list.

If a student raises their hand or you have called-on a student, you can record this data by selecting the student’s name from the class participation list.  Then choose Raised Hand or Call-On. You will be able to add additional comments for the student when recording participation.

You may also randomly select student by choosing "Random Student." 

After you have randomly selected the student you may add a comment and save. 

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