In Otus you can create a seating chart for each class. You even have the ability to add in the location of the door and any boards.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Classes module, select Seating Chart, and select the class you'd like to arrange the seating chart for.

  • Step 2: Any square along the border of the grid can be made a door or a board.

  • Step 3: Click and drag any students, boards, or doors around the seating chart area until you are satisfied with your layout.

➡️ Also Available on This Page...

  • Assign Groups

    • You can assign students to groups using this page.

  • Assign Recognitions

    • You can assign recognitions to students from this page.


  • Can I edit the size of the seating chart area (add/remove rows or columns)? Currently, this feature is not available. If you'd like to vote for this feature, click here.

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