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❗ This article has directions for how to view and edit district student groups from an administrator account. If you are a teacher looking for a resource for how to view and edit your own classroom-based student groups, click here for more information.

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➡️ Viewing Student Groups

  • While on your District Home Page, select the Student Groups tab. Here is where you will see all of your district-level student groups.

  • From the ellipsis menu, select View Students to see the students in that group.

➡️ Adding or Removing a Student

  • To add a student, select Assign Students from the ellipsis menu. Click here for more information on how to proceed with adding students to a group.

  • To remove a student, select View Students from the ellipsis menu, then select the X next to the student you'd like to remove. Confirm you'd like to remove that student by selecting Yes.

➡️ Editing a Student Group

  • Select the ellipsis of any group to edit the color or title.

➡️ Deleting a Student Group

  • Select the ellipsis of any group to delete that group. Confirm you'd like to delete that group by selecting Yes.

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