Polls are engaging and formative displays of student understanding. Students can answer poll questions in real-time and visualize the results within the platform.

Create a Poll

Select the Poll module. This will automatically put you on the Create page. Select the desired class.

Note - a poll can only be assigned to one class at a time.

Poll Options:

1 - Select either Multiple Choice, True/False, or Free Response

  • Multiple Choice: will have four options (you are unable to remove or add options to a poll)
  • True/False: students will be presented with the answer options ‘True or False’ in response to the poll question.
  • Free Response: students to type their responses to the poll question.

2 - Enter the content of the poll. If it is a multiple choice poll, enter the answer options.

3 - Poll Options:

  • Allow Resubmission - if this is toggled on, the student can submit an answer more than once. If this is kept toggled off, the student will only be able to submit an answer once
  • Set End Time - if this is toggled on, you will be prompted to select a date/time for which the poll will close. If this is kept toggled off, the poll will be open until you choose to deactivate the poll.

4 - If you wish to start the poll at a later time, you can click Save and Exit; you can go back to the poll at any time to start it.

5 - If you wish to start the poll immediately, select Start Poll


What does it look like for Students?

  • Students will click on the Poll module and choose the correct class from the dropdown menu
  • They will then have immediate access to the poll. When they are finished answering, they will hit Submit.


That's it! You've now learned how to create a poll in Otus! Looking for more information on polls? Check out the articles below!

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