Because of our integration with Google, you have the option to link your Google calendar directly to your Otus Calendar. This will allow you to view any of your existing calendar events directly in Otus. You also can add events to your Google calendar without ever leaving Otus.

First things first, make sure that you've logged into Otus using Google. This process grants Otus permission to access and connect with your Google calendar.

➡️. Select the Calendar module from the home screen and select Integrate with Google.

💡 Tips from the Otus Team:

  • Remove the integration at any time by clicking Remove Google Integration at the bottom of your calendar or events view. This will ONLY disconnect the calendar so that you no longer see your Google events in Otus. This will not impact your ability to share Google resources through rubric assessments, lessons you've created, or Bookshelf resources.

  • The calendar integration will work both ways. Once you link your Google Calendar to Otus, any events you place on the Otus Calendar will also appear on your Google Calendar.

  • Integrating Google Calendar will create a calendar that corresponds to your Google account.

  • Although you are able to create specific repeating patterns in Google Calendar, some may not be available in Otus.

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