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Questions By Category for Advanced Assessments

There are many question types to choose from when creating an advanced assessment, such as multiple choice, short answer, and matching.

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When creating an Advanced Assessment, there are many different categories of questions to choose from. Below you will find a section for each of those categories.

Multiple Choice


Algebra 1: square root, absolute value, slope-intercept, exponential function, shifted exponential function, parabola.

Algebra 2: sine and cosine, circle, logarithm, two-variable linear inequality, polynomial by points, hyperbola, parabola by focus and directrix, ellipse, system of two variable linear inequalities.

Geometry: cone, volume and surface area, triangle grid, area and perimeter.

Statistics: box and whisker

Economics: supply and demand shift, budget constraints

Calculus: area under curve, point on a curve

Miscellaneous: fraction addition, number line inequality, number line plot

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