From the home screen, select Classes.

Select Attendance from the secondary navigation window available.

Using the drop down, select the class you wish to view.

Notice the bar at the bottom of the screen indicating there are unsaved changes.  Otus doesn't save attendance data unless the teacher presses the save button on the right side of that bar.  The default setting is that all students are marked as Present, but that won't be saved until you click Save.  Select Absent to mark a student as absent.  Select Tardy to mark a student as tardy.  If you'd like to record attendance for a different date, you can click the calendar icon at the top, or click on the left/right arrows to move forward or backward a day. 

If tardy or absent, you can add a note with any important information.  Select the note icon to add a note to the student’s attendance and select Done.

When you are finished with attendance, make sure to click save in the bottom right corner of the screen.  

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