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Install PowerSchool Plugin for Grade Passback
Install PowerSchool Plugin for Grade Passback

Follow​ ​the​ ​steps​ ​below​ ​to​ ​connect​ ​Otus ​and​ ​PowerSchool for grade passback

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  1. Locate the PowerSchool plugin file provided by Otus on your computer.

  2. Edit the plugin XML file to replace the vendor Opportunity ID value (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with the 18-digit Opportunity ID included in your initial product provisioning instructional email from PowerSchool.

  3. Log in to your PowerSchool Admin account.

  4. In PowerSchool, in the left navigation bar select “System Management", then select “Server,” and then select “Plugin Configuration.”

    1. Note, in older versions of PowerSchool, the navigation steps are "System", then "System Settings", then "Plugin Management".

  5. Click “Install” and then click "Choose File".

  6. Locate your Otus PowerSchool plugin .XML file, click "Open", then click "Install".

  7. Once installed, a "Plugin Registration" pop-up window will display (this can take up to 30 seconds - please be patient).

  8. While the "Plugin Registration" window is open, copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret credentials into a file. Also, add your PowerSchool URL to the file (e.g.,

  9. Click "Register" to finalize self-registration and close the pop-up window.

    1. If you fail to click "Register" grade passback will not work.

  10. After clicking "Register" a "Registration Results" pop-up window will display - click "OK" to dismiss the window.

  11. In your list of installed plugins scroll down to locate the plugin named "Otus OneRoster 1.1". Both of these steps are required to enable the plugin:

    1. Click the checkbox to enable the plugin.

    2. In the pop-up window click the "Enable" button.

  12. Using the secure Sharefile link provided by Otus, upload the file containing Client ID, Client Secret, and URL from step 7 above.

Click to see a short video showing how to install and register the plugin for grade passback.

Are you interested in installing a PowerSchool plugin for rostering? Click here for more information.

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