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Customize the X-Axis on the Performance History Chart in Assessment Analytics
Customize the X-Axis on the Performance History Chart in Assessment Analytics

Learn how to create custom percentage ranges for the x-axis on the Performance History chart of Assessment Analytics.

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In Assessment Analytics, you can visual the assessment data in many ways. This article is going to show you specifically how to customize the x-axis on the Performance History Chart.

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Change Order

You can choose from highest to lowest (default) and lowest to highest.

Edit X-Axis

You can change the percentage ranges.

  • As shown above, the default contains 10 ranges (the maximum amount), with equal intervals of 10.

💡 Tip: The ranges do not have to be equal intervals; the only rule is that they have to add up to 100.

See below for examples of customized ranges:

Example 1: Four ranges with equal intervals of 25.

Example 2: Three ranges, which do not have equal intervals. The first interval is 70, the second is 15, and the third is 15.

What do these buttons do?

  • 1 - Removes that range (x)

  • 2 - Adds a range (+)

  • 3 - Evenly distributes the intervals based on the number of ranges you have (=). See example below; originally, the three ranges were 70, 15, and 15. Selecting the = button changed them to equal intervals of 33 (to the hundredths place).

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Can you customize the y-axis?

When looking at Overall performance The y-axis will always remain the number of students. The intervals will change based on the total number of students being measured. It is not something that can be customized

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