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Otus Certified Educator Community
Otus Certified Educator Community

This article includes all of the information you will need to access the Otus Certified Educator Community.

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The Otus Certified Educator Program is made up of passionate educators who possess in-depth product knowledge and believe in enriching student lives through technology. These educators are the soul of Otus!

There is no cost for our Otus Certified Educator Program. It is a self paced process, within the given timelines for each session. We do this so that you can work as fast or as slow as your time allows.

Gain confidence as you deepen your knowledge of Otus with OCE!

What are the Benefits?

  • Make a bigger impact as you network with educators from around the world to improve outcomes in your classroom.

  • Wear your Otus swag with pride! Yes, that means free Otus gear + exclusive access to the OCE Badge so you can share your level of expertise on social media and personal pages.

What to Expect from the OCE Community


  • All Otus educators are invited to join the OCE Community.

  • To reach Level 1 (Champion Level) Certification, you will act as an Otus student and complete the coursework for one Cohort of your choice.


  • OCE Champion educators are invited to complete an additional cohort to qualify for Level 2 (Advocate Level) Certification.

  • OCE Advocate educators will share their knowledge with others by leading two Otus PD, including one Otus Live.


  • OCE Legend educators are active participants in the Otus community who demonstrate a continued interest in learning the product and sharing knowledge with others.

  • OCE Advocate educators who meet the criteria are invited to complete Level 3 (Legend Level) Certification.

Questions? Please take a look at this FAQ

The SPRING OCE Session begins April 8th 2024 and runs through May 20th 2024

If Spring session does not work out, no problem!

The SUMMER OCE Session begins June 17th 2024 and runs through July 25th 2024

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