Unless otherwise indicated, the troubleshooting solutions in this article apply to both the Assessments and Standards Gradebooks. For additional troubleshooting recommendations specific to the Standards Gradebook, check out the article below.

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❗ Gradebook Module Won't Load ❗

Solution: Check your Classes to see if they have grade levels listed. If your district's grading scales are associated with particular grade levels, the gradebook won't know what information to load until there are grade levels associated with each of your classes.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Classes module and check the Grade Level column.

  • Step 2: If you do not have grade levels listed, check out this article to see how to add them!

❗ Grades Do Not Appear in the Gradebook❗

Solution: Check the Grading Period. If your school has set up grading periods in Otus, the gradebook will display the current grading period by default.

If you have questions about why certain assessments are appearing in a previous grading period, please reach out to our Support Team in the chat for assistance.

What if I am using the Standards Gradebook and I am not seeing certain standards listed? You may need to select a different grading scale if your district has multiple grading scales enabled. Check out this section of our article on Standards Gradebook Troubleshooting to see how to filter by grading scale.

❗ Total Score is 0 in Assessments Gradebook ❗

Do all students show a 0 as the total score, even though you can see that they have assessments graded? Are you using weighting in your gradebook?

Solution: It may be that the assessment type you've selected is not included in your weighting percentages. You can either adjust your weighting or change the assessment type (category) if possible.

  • Check to see how your Weighting is configured

    • Select the ellipsis in the upper-right corner of the assessments gradebook.

    • Select Weighting.

  • In the example below, only the assessment categories of Assignment, Quiz, and Test will be calculated as part of the Total Grade, since those are the categories with a weighted percentage listed.

  • To quickly check the categories of the assessments you have already assigned or added to the gradebook, click on an individual student name in the gradebook for that class. When viewing grades for an individual student, the category for each assessment is listed in the Type column.

  • If you need to change the type (category) for any of your assessments in order to include them in your weighting, check out this article for instructions.

    💡 Tip from the Otus Team: Changing the type (category) will update any instance of the assessment that has been assigned except for advanced assessments, which cannot be changed after assigning.

❗ Assessment Grades Were Added to the Wrong Class ❗

Solution: If you accidentally assigned an assessment to the wrong class or added assessment grades to the wrong class in the gradebook, you can manually transfer those grades to the correct class by following the steps below.

  • For Plus (+) Assessments

    • Step 1: In the Gradebook module, locate the class where the grades are currently posted, and select Download as CSV.

    • Step 2: Locate the class where you want to move the grades, and Add a + (Plus) Assessment to the Gradebook for that class. Re-enter the grades in the correct class, using the CSV file you downloaded as a reference.

    • Step 3: Now that the grades have been added to the correct class, you can Delete the Plus (+) Assessment from the incorrect class.

  • For Simple, Advanced, or Rubric Assessments

    • Option 1: Assign the assessment to the correct class. Students will either need to retake the assessment in the correct class, or you can manually grade each student's assessment based on their original responses. Once their new grades have been recorded in the correct class, you can unassign the assessment from the incorrect class.

    • Option 2: If the assessment is points-based and is not linked to standards, you can enter the total grade for each student as a Plus (+) assessment in the correct class by following Steps 1 & 2 above. If you would like to keep a record of the students' responses, leave the original assessment assigned to the incorrect class, but uncheck the box for "Include Score in Final Grade". If you do not need to keep a record of the students' responses, you can unassign the assessment from the incorrect class after the grades have been entered in the correct class.

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