Are you looking to use Otus on an iPad? Whether you are a teacher, administrator, parent, or student, Otus can be used on an iPad in two ways: using any web browser or using the Otus iPad App.

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Option 1: Using a Web Browser

Like on a computer, Otus can be used on a regular web browser on the iPad. Head to and login as you normally would on a computer.

❗ We recommend using Chrome or Safari for optimal performance.

Once logged on, you can use all features of Otus just as you would on a computer. Below are example images from teacher and student accounts on an iPad.

Option 2: Using the Otus iPad App

Otus has an app available on the App Store specifically for the iPad.

Note - there is a difference between Otus and Otus Mobile. Make sure you download the Otus app (designed for the iPad) rather than the Otus Mobile app (designed for iPhones, Androids...)

Once the Otus app is downloaded, you can access it from your iPad and login just as you would on a computer.

  • Step 1: Select the app from your home screen.

  • Step 2: Login as you normally would (this example uses Google Single Sign On).

    • You may have to allow Google permissions if this is the first time logging in.

    • Choose your Google email address.

  • Step 3: Use Otus as normal.

➡️ Limitations

  • There are two limitations of the Otus app, both involving in-app recording.

    • Users are unable to record videos directly within the Otus app

    • Users are unable to record audio recordings directly within the Otus app.

❗ Users CAN record video and audio if you login to Otus through a regular web browser (not the app).

iPads Used for Multiple Classes

If there is a set of iPads being used across multiple classes, therefore, multiple students are using the same iPad throughout the day, the following needs to be considered:

➡️ Google SSO

  • If using Google Single Sign On, the GMail app must also be installed on the iPads. The Gmail app will be used to switch between Google accounts.

  • Before the next student logs in, the previous student must log out of Otus directly (not just close the tab). This is done by selecting the profile icon in the bottom-left corner, then selecting Log Out

  • The previous student's email address must be disconnected from the app. This requires the use of the GMail app (as mentioned above). Use the directions found here to do so.

➡️ Clever SSO

  • If using Clever SSO, students will need to log out of Otus (as shown above) and then log out of the Clever Portal.

    • Navigate to the Clever Portal, hover over the name in the top-right corner, and select Log Out.

These two Clever prompts should be utilized in this scenario:

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