As updates to the items of a student's Plan are made over time, each entry is recorded as data point and progress can be viewed on the item performance page.

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Accessing the Historical Data

  • Step 1: From the Plans module, choose the plan template

  • Step 2: Select the student from the list

  • Step 3: In the list of items, select the item name

Item Performance Page

The item’s historical data is presented as a line graph. The table beneath the chart shows each entry in a list, with the most recent at the top:

➡️ Chart - In Detail

  • X-axis - The date of the status update

  • Y-axis - The level on the grading scale

  1. Back arrow - Return to Plan item list

  2. Left/right arrows - Navigate directly to the previous/next item

  3. Download button - Downloads CSV of item data

  4. Current Status - Displays the most recent status, and the number of times a status has been entered

  5. Chart Menu - Option to print or download the chart

  6. Points - Hover over any point to view the data recorded from that entry. See table below for additional information.

➡️ Table - In Detail

  1. Timestamp - Displays date and time of the entry in that row, with the most recent at the top

  2. Author - The name of the person who entered that status update

  3. Status - The status at the time of entry

  4. Notes - Any notes left at the time of this status update

  5. Attachments - Any files attached to this status update

  6. Ellipsis - Edit or Delete that status update (only available to Admins and author of that entry)

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series demonstrating how to view and track student data housed within an Otus Plan. Information on viewing historical data begins at the 7:14 minute mark.

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