This article refers to the process of adding students to an Otus Plan. Students can be added to any plan that has been created and published by an administrator in the school or district.

To learn about building Otus Plan templates, click here.

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Add Students

There are two ways to add students to a Plan.

  • Option 1: From the main Plans list:

  • Option 2: From the individual Plan student list:

  • Step 1: Use one of the methods above to add students.

  • Step 2: Type the name of the student or student group in the Search field.

❗Important Note: Because the search results are account-specific, teachers only see students from their own classes, and administrators see students based on their specific admin permissions.

  • Step 3: Select the student or student group from the list to add them to the Selected Students field.

💡Tip from the Otus Team: For a student group, all students in the group will be selected by default. To choose only specific students, hover over the names of those you’d like to remove. Select the x to deselect them. To re-select a student you removed, simply click on their name.

  • Step 4: Save the students: once all the desired students have been added, select Add Students.

❗ Important Notes:

  • If you navigate away from the page before selecting Add Students (or hit Cancel), no students will be added to the plan.

  • It can take up to 10 minutes for students to appear on the Plan.

Optional: Customization

Toggle the eye icon ON or OFF to show or hide specific items from this set of students. Customization can also be adjusted after adding students to a Plan. Learn more about updating student plans here.

❗Important Note: Customization is enabled in the Plan Template when the template is created. As a result, customization may not be available in the plan you are using.

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